toothacheTooth ache is one of the most painful, throbbing and unbearable torchers ever experienced by oneself. If the pain is extremely severe, of course, the prime option would be to go and see a dentist who can rightly point out the source of problem and provide desirable treatments accordingly, but if for various reasons such a solution is not viable then there are some other workable, temporary yet instant tooth ache relief solutions and home remedies that will help you feel better for at least 5-6 hours. In most cases, toothaches are caused by dental caries in which the bacterium eats away the inner most layer of your tooth causing your nerves to get exposed. As a consequence, you feel extremely sensitive to hot cold or even sweet. Other tooth problems may include dentin or root exposure, swollen and bleeding gums, dental abscesses, wisdom tooth, cracked teeth and various others.

Starting off with a medically approved, one of the best toothache relief remedies which have worked miracles in the recent times, take medium sized, readily available garlic and after crushing it well, place some of it in the place of discomfort. Initially it will produce a distinct feeling, however in about 10 minutes the crushed garlic radiates its magic and pain starts to recede. To go in a scientific reason for the magic, clove is an excellent source of natural antibiotics which kills the bacteria almost instantly. Nonetheless, if you do not have garlic at home than you may also use an onion, lime, potato or peppermint instead which are also known to work similar to garlic.

A natural analgesic along with anti-infective effect, the cloves oil’s is also one of the tooth ache relief methods used for treating severe tooth aches. Clove oil has strong antiseptic properties because it consists of a fundamental ingredient known as eugenol, which is oftentimes used by dentitions for putting filling in a tooth or during root canal treatment. Take a small cotton ball, dip it in clove oil and let the cotton ball soak some oil before keeping it in the cavity for about an hour and let the clove oil do its work for some time. Coming in the list, another promising method which works in an instant to eliminate the pain is to make strong salt solution in lukewarm water and perform gargles to remove of any leftover rotten food particles and debris that perhaps cannot be removed through simple brushing. After the gargles, it is best to place the clove in the area of pain. The pains will go away leaving you relaxed and free once again. Many people who have been through the tooth ache used this and narrate this method as a miraculous tooth ache relief solution that works within seconds.

Furthermore, if you have any pain killer available at your home then it is advised to crush it first and then mix it with 3 tea spoons of water and produce a paste which you will apply later on your teeth and all the inner and side gums. First try with half a tablet of pain killer, if the pain recedes in 15 minutes then later you may also use a full tablet paste.